What Are The Kinds Of Prayer?

There are more than 30 major forms of prayer. So, people get confused to decide which will work for them.

If you are thinking of evaluating the different prayer forms in terms of how much effort you need to put on it.

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Verbal effort refers to the amount of energy that you need to put into coming up with the words that you will be using during your pray. The most demanding prayer these days is the serious extemporaneous prayer.

Capturing these spirit and the emotion of words which helps you express yourself back to the God, required a lot of internal testing.

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Imaginative effort refers to the amount of the visualization you have to perform while doing any daily warfare prayer.

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Intentional effort refers to the level of focus you need to do while doing a prayer. It also involves the steadiness which you have to maintain you will. Centering prayer is the best example for it. In this prayer, you are required to use only one word with no cognitive effort.

extemporaneous is the form of the prayer which some of us in evangelical traditions grew up with. In this prayer, you talk with the God about the things you have in your heart.

This prayer requires minimal imaginative effort and mild volitional effort. The volitional effort it requires increases the amount of verbal effort.

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