Wedding Planner: Who Needs Them?

Do you think wedding planners are just for opulent weddings with six-figure budgets? Not really! In actuality, couples with different budgets and tastes can hire wedding planners nowadays. Here is a look at who wants a wedding planner and why.

Budget-conscious brides and grooms:

Surprised? Yes, you need to pay a wedding planner for their services, but they could also be really useful in ensuring you follow your budget set for event styling.

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There are event planners who specialize in fabulous weddings on tight budgets, which is perfect if you’re searching for tricks to stretch your wedding dollars. Besides understanding the tricks of the trade, a planner may also know sellers with whom they could negotiate for you the best rate.

Busy brides:

Let’s face it! The majority of wedding planning is still managed by the bride. If you’re a bride with a demanding career, finding time to shop around to find the best bridesmaid jewelry gifts, interview caterers and a lot more chores could be impossible.

wedding stylist can be a lifesaver for any bride by managing all the tasks. The planner will do all of the legwork for you, and give you the top few choices which suit your requirements.

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Confused brides:

Perhaps you are not among those women who have imagined her wedding day since childhood. Arranging a wedding can be totally overwhelming, and with a planner to aid you can take lots of the strain from your shoulders.

Destination wedding brides:

This is a large one. Planning a long distance wedding by yourself can be near to impossible. Therefore, if you are planning a destination wedding in a resort, the resort will usually have an event coordinator to assist you along the way.

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