Weather Forecasting Can Determine A Farmer’s Success

There is no doubt in the fact that different sectors get affected by the weather conditions in a different way. But, there is one sector which is highly affected by the bad weather conditions . This is  the sector which is famous for providing agricultural service in different varieties.

Crop growth is very closely linked to the weather conditions. There are some crops which need some specific high or low temperatures so that they can initiate the process of their germination and further continue with their development.

Effect Of Weather On Agriculture Sector

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While on the other side of the coin, temperatures when combined with humidity are generally used for the prediction of  various insects, pests and diseases taking place.

On the basis of this information, farmers can undertake planning in order to decide the right time for the purposes of sowing, harvesting, and various other related field activities. This can help them avoid any negative weather effects and losses of the yield.

Weather monitoring can be considered as the sole important factor in determining the crop yields. It includes conducting weather observations for every specific field in order to provide relevant information on the present conditions related to crop growths.

Weather monitoring generally provides us with a set of certain measurement options. These options help us in providing crucial information regarding the conditions related to soil and crops. Some of them are as follows:  

Link Between Weather And Farmers

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  • Temperature of the soil as well as the air
  • Soil Moisture
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Wind Speed/ Direction
  • Relative Humidity and many more. Farmers today can use various systems for the precision measurement of changing environmental conditions. These systems are popularly known as weather stations.

Farming is really a very important industry since it provides us with food so that we can sustain our lives. Since, it is affected by a number of climate changes, therefore accurate weather monitoring is really important so that  farming can be made much more productive and sustainable in the long run.