Tips For Applying False Eyelashes

Nearly all girls desire to have thick long lashes. However, most are not naturally born with them. This is the reason why an increasing number of women are turning to false lashes.

There are many different brands and styles of lashes available, for example, faux mink eyelashes and it is up to the person which one they select. There are natural false lashes that are amazing for daily wear and volume lashes that are more commonly used on nights out and parties.

Sara-faux mink eyelashes

False eyelashes can be tricky to use; they do need time and patience. The more a person tries the better they will become. Below are some tips and secrets that will assist you with the procedure.

Primarily it’s best to have all of the tools that you’re going to need at hand. You do not need to start and then have to run around trying to locate everything else you require. To apply mink false lashes you will need false lashes, mirror, tweezers, scissors and eyelash glue.

Boujee Bae-mink eyelashes-Flawless Fleur

Firstly check that the eyelashes sit comfortably on their position and if not, cut them down with a pair of scissors. Once you have got the desired length of your eyelashes, it is always better to bend them around so they’re super flexible when it comes to sticking them on.

The next thing that you have to do is to apply the adhesive to the false eyelashes. It can be done by either employing a blob of glue on the back of your hands and running the eyelash through it or using the applicator inside the paste and apply it directly to the rear of the eyelash.


After applying the glue, it is recommended to wait around 30 seconds so that the glue can become tacky so the eyelashes are easier to stick down.

Once you have stuck them on the lashes and are happy with where they’re placed, you need to press them down with a set of tweezers. The eyelashes are now perfectly applied and you are ready to flaunt in the party or whatever occasion it might be.