What Are The Things Included In A Cricket Kit Bag?

Cricket is an exciting sport to play and generally known as the gentleman’s game. But this gentleman game is not gentle at all. When you have to face the leather ball at 90 miles per hours it does not appear gentle at all. If this red hot cherry hits you, definitely you will be in trouble. To make safe you need the cricket gears.

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All these cricket gears are included in the cricket kit. You can also purchase the custom-made cricket kit from various sports shops Melbourne as well. For newcomers, it is advised not to spend a lot on their first cricket kit because it is quite difficult to find the right size, the first time.

If you are curious what is included in the cricket kit, let’s see ahead:

Cricket bat

This is one of the most important things you need to play cricket. Batsmen love their cricket bat the most. You need to purchase the bat of high-quality wood material and of the right size.

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Cricket batting gloves are the second most important thing. It helps batsman to hold the cricket bat and resist the impact when a ball hits the bat. Gloves are shock resistant and soak sweat of the hand during the play.  Wicket Keepers also wear gloves for keeping but wicket keeping gloves are different from the batting gloves.   

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Safety gears

Cricket kit includes all kinds of safety gears such as the pad, helmets, leg guard, chest guard, abdominal guard, elbow guard and a lot more. Pads and helmets are the most important safety gears. You cannot even practice this sport without the helmet and pads.

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