How to Sell Used Diamonds and Jewelry

Do you want to sell your estate jewelry? If you have some jewelry that is inherited or if you have a bunch of broken or used jewelry that you want to sell for quick profit, then there are several things you should know before selling your jewelry.

Estimates of value and appraisals:

Estate jewelry or inherent jewelry are purchased from jewelers or from an insurance company. This can help you to determine what you can get when you sell jewelry for cash.

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These estimated values may often lead to disappointment when someone receives the cash after selling the jewelry as the value might not have changed as per your expectations.

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The only way to know the value of your jewelry is by finding someone who wants to buy it and see how much they can give you in return.


Certifications are known as a proof of authenticity which you get with the jewelry and which consists of the list of properties of the jewelry, or in other words, the provenance of an antique piece of jewelry.

When you think of selling a jewelry piece online, the certification can help the buyer to evaluate the value of the jewelry, irrespective of his location.

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The certification acts as a proxy for jewelry and helps in avoiding insured expensive shipping rates

However, not all certifications are valued equally. GIA is one of the standard certifications for jewelry. They have an accurate idea to describe a jewelry and has years of experience in the field.

Getting the cash:

Once you have agreed to the price that the buyer offers, the estate jewelry is shipped via safe and insured mail to the buyer. Sometimes buyer agrees to come and meet the owner of the jewelry at the bank.

The shipping of a valuable item through mailing system can be a little weird for some people, but this is the most common practice followed across the world.