The Political Relationship between Israel and Iran in 1948-1988

Israel and Iran had close ties from 1948 to 1979 until the Pahlavi dynasty fall down.  At that time, Israel was considered an ally of a non-Arab power in the world of Arab. Also, during the war, Iran used to supply a sufficient amount of oil to Israel.

You can read the book of Rob Sobhani who has described briefly about the relationship between Israel and Iran during this period of time.  During 1948, these two countries have shared common interests in keeping the Soviet out and this relationship sustained last till 1989.

Iran and Israel flag

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During this period of time, Israel and Iran have made various ties such as political, military, trade and many more. Moreover, with the time, many Israelis went as a military advisor in Iran defense industry.  They also participated in improving the agriculture and health sectors.

During the Pahlavi Era, Israel also made ties with the Persia that resulted in a strategic alliance. As per the Shah, the relation with Israel and Persia would benefit it and will get the support from American Congress and Jewry.

Iran and Israel relations

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When the Pahlavi dynasty fall down, the relations between these two countries took a U-turn and Ayatollah Khomeini announced Israel as an “enemy of Islam” which motivated the Iranian Revolution.

Afterward, Iran cuts off all the political relationship with Israel. Moreover, Iran also prepared and armed the Islamic Jihad that took an extreme turn. The terrorist attack was done within Israel in late 1990s.