How To Order Gluten-Free Food In Your Office Party?

If you are diagnosed with celiac disease, you are going to have a big dietary change. Now you are avoiding the basic items that you are eating on regular basis such as wheat, maize, barley etc that can make a healthy snacking challenge itself.

Office Party

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What if you have an office party? You can’t avoid all those things i.e. served to you and if you eat it you will end up immense pain. As more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease, there has been an explosion in the variety of gluten-free food available in the market. You can refer to Eat Poke Poke to get the insight of what you can avail from the restaurants.

In this article, we will discuss what should you order if you are throwing an office party.

  • Look to the Gluten-free cuisine around the world

To start the navigation for gluten-free cuisines, look beyond the lunch that everyone orders such as sandwich or salads. There is the gluten-free option available such as specialized vegetable noodles can be the best alternative for pasta. You can opt for gluten-free noodles too.

call ahead

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  • Try to avoid Lunch Rush

When you are ordering your food try to avoid the lunch rush. You may shift the meal to more of early or later lunch so that everyone is more likely to have the right meal prepared for their dietary needs.

Lunch Rush

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  • Call Ahead

If you want to order gluten-free food from gluten-free restaurant Farmington foods then it is wise from your part to order as early as possible so that you can communicate easily to the manager about your needs. They will understand your problems and tailored the right food that you have demanded.

You can ask several questions to the manager like:

  1. Whether chefs are trained in the need for gluten-free foods?
  2. How is the kitchen avoid gluten cross-contamination?
  3. Is the food listed in the menu are according to National Celiac Association’s Directory?

Since no restaurant wants customers to get sick or have a bad experience. A quick discussion can help to ensure everyone was going to have a great lunch.

Even when dining gluten-free, you have to make a good effort to make them worth. With these tips, you can confident about your party going to be rocking. Check out here to know how could you stick to your diet no matter what.