Memory Foam Mattresses And Their Benefits

A traditional spring mattress, rest on a finite number of springs to provide support to the body. However, the limited number of springs does not completely adjust to your body. Often there will be some space left between your body and the conventional mattress that’s unsupported.

Memory Foam is made of visco-elastic foam material, and just to make a comparison, can be thought of as having a countless number of tiny springs that provides support to your body at a much greater level than can be provided by normal a spring mattress.

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Perks of Memory Foam Mattress:

Better Fit-

Memory foam can sense pressure and molds its shape perfectly according to your body. You may consider memory foam mattress as a custom-made mattress for your entire body.

Reduced Movement-

The visco-elastic properties of memory foam greatly reduce unwanted moves and bounce due to your partner’s moves. For those who have a spouse who moves throughout the night, memory foam mattress will absorb the unwanted movement so that you do not get disturbed.

What to consider when buying a memory foam mattress?

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The exceptional fit and feel of a memory foam mattress are described by the upper layer of the mattress. It’s advised that you select a mattress with a depth of 3″. Though there are some thinner memory foams available in the market, they’re simply too thin and often not able to support properly.


The memory foam’s density can be measured in pounds/cubic feet. It’s advised that one needs to pick memory foam with a 5 pounds density. Although heavier, the 5 pounds density will have a longer life than low-density foam and will have the best firmness.

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Appropriate packaging and transportation of a memory foam mattress are vital. Search for one that was vacuum packed and is rolled instead of folding. The rolling process is better than folding due to its gradual bending and reduced sharp folds in the mattress.

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