About Managed Print Services

If you have an office of an average size then you may well know about the benefits of managed print services. You may have considered outsourcing your printing requirements, or maybe you have been studying your options to learn more about MPS and how they work within the organization.

Whether your business is mostly online or producing large volumes of printed material like newsletters, pamphlets, posters or magazines, just about any office can benefit from managed print services. Here are some important facts that you may or may not realize about managed print services:


MPS save your money

One of the main reasons for considering managed print services is a lot of funds that can be saved. This includes some money that is spent on ink, paper, and other related things like maintenance and other related expenses. By outsourcing your all print needs to one company, you will cut down on added expenses significantly. Moreover, you will get many benefits of great deals and discount through established the contacts and preferred suppliers used by your managed print services.

MPS save the environment

Not only these manage print services will help you save significantly on your funds, but they also helps you to save the environment. Each year, thousands of tonnes of paper is wasted over the world, with endless numbers of printouts, faxes and other outputs being produced by offices all around the world.

With only around 10% of companies recycling, this leads to a huge level of discarded paper products being dumped at waste places. Saving these papers and using carefully will help minimize the impact drastically for the greener office environment.

MPS don’t only offer print services

A good MPS provide a variety of services that include printer cartridge services, photocopy, fax, and hardcopy device audit. Because all of these services are handled under a roof, this ensures that your office and all resources will be audited and managed efficiently.