Job Description Of A Roof Restoration Service Provider

Believe it or not, but your residential and commercial roofs are the first line of defense beside all the odd extreme climatic conditions.

In early days, because of the availability of limited choices, the only effective solution to counter wear and tear was roof replacement and whatever you do, with time wear and tear of the roof will happen.

But nowadays, the roofing industry has learned to extend the life of the roof for 5-20 years by roof restoration works. So, what is included in roof restoration work?

Roof restoration work includes- roof repairs, high-pressure roof cleaning and roof painting. Roof restoration is not limited to the roof repair.

Roof repair only deals with the damaged part of the roof. On the other hand, roof restoration works lease a new life to the roof.

A good commercial roof replacement services offers a one-stop solution for all your roofing needs.

Roof rebuilding specialists deliver an extensive range of services like gutter cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, roof re-bedding, roof repointing, roof repair and so on.

Here is a step by step guide to complete the roof restoration process:

Inspection and repair

A roof repair specialist will come to your home and inspect all the aspects of the roofs. Once the inspection is done, he will tell you the repair work required and the estimated cost of the restoration.

All the broken and cracked tiles will have to be replaced. Even the tiles with hairline cracks are to be replaced as they can lead to leakage.

Roof cleaning      

It is the heart of the roof restoration works. High-pressure water removes the dirt, molds, debris, stains, and pollutants.

Lots of commercial roof replacement companies these days use the commercial cleaner that produces 4000 PSI pressure which cleans the tiles thoroughly and checks the weak tiles as well. Gutters of the roof are cleaned to avoid stagnation of water on the roof.

Roof painting

A primer coat is applied to the entire roof which acts as a sealant. After that 2 or more coats of the paint are applied to give your roof the desired appearance.

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