The History of Horse Racing

Horse racing came to a scene for many years ago. In Assyria horse racing initiated in 1500 B.C. Before horse racing Chariot racing was popular in Roman Time. The first horse race took place in the north-west part of London known as Smithfield.

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Royal Connections

The Royal Families are the reason for every historic change and development in racing. Henry II imports horses for breeding purpose and Charles II was the 1st person who introduces a set of rules for horse racing in 1664.

First horse race
The Derby was the first race begun in 1780 at the Earl of Derby’s estate in Epsom. This race was run on a lottery basis and still run every year now. This race was 4 miles and 5 furlongs and this race were held between two church steeples and due to this reason the term ‘steeplechase’ was coined.

Propose and types of horse racing
The main purpose of a horse racing is to find out the fastest horse out of two or more horses over a precise distance. The horses who cross the winning line will be the winner of the race.

Horse Racing Categories-Flat
There are three different types of race categories in the UK and Ireland. The first category is Flat racing. In Flat racing, horses have to cover a distance of 5 furlongs and 2 miles 6 furlongs on turf. The flat race season starts in March and runs through November. 2 years old horses are the youngest horses take part in a flat race.

Horse Racing Categories- All Weather
It is the second type of horse racing. All-weather racing is similar to flat racing but the difference is in all-weather racing contests take place on an artificial surface. The tracks that are used in all-weather racing are floodlit tracks i.e. these tracks can offer night racing.

Horse racing Categories- National Hunt
In the national hunt, racing horses have to run over the longer distances from 1 mile to 6 furlongs and 4 miles to 4 furlongs.

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