How To Give Your Camping Trip A Unique Stamp?

If you are looking for a fun themed and unique way to celebrate your birthday, consider camping. More than just a simple celebration, a camping bash delivers an awesome birthday experience that the guest of honour and his friends will remember for years to come.

For a hot day, a camping themed birthday party is perfect. You can come up with so many cute and creative ideas for a camping party that would work both indoors and outdoors. If you want to throw a birthday party outdoors like the backyard of your house or your garden then you should consider army prop rentals to ensure guest safety from changing the weather.

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In this article, we will discuss how to give your camping trip a unique stamp in great detail.

  • Location

If you are partying at a campsite, your guests will need to supply their own clothing, food and tents. As it is a camping trip, you will need to organize dates that suit everyone. If you are travelling to the site together, give them a time and place for pick up. Add some road trip games for the ride.

  • Start by party ball rolling

  1. You can start by camping scene invitation by sending your guest a postcard of camping scene.
  2. Celebrate the fun of everyone camping together by hanging tinsel around the entrance of each person’s tents. String up fairy light along with trees and between the surplus tents. Hang wind chimes and paper lantern from the trees.
  3. Eat together by creating communal food areas for a picnic. Install portable coolers filled with drinks and snacks along with your portable stove.

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  • Camping games

  1. Water Balloons

Fill up ten balloons and see if your camping guests can catch them without breaking them. Add a messy touch by filling balloons with whipped cream.

2. Balloon Shaving

This game can be messy! Everybody is given their own inflated balloon to which they need to draw a face in a specific time limit. The balloon is covered with whipped cream.

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Now that you know everything about planning a camping birthday party, we hope you would plan an upcoming birthday on a camping trip. Why not discover more about how to choose camping tents for your camping party in great detail? This will be relaxing for you while deciding on any auspicious event.