All About The Conspiracy Theories Between Dmitry Rybolovlev and Trump

The Trump presidency has given rise to many outrageous conspiracies that have affected America’s political culture. As per the Sarah Sanders who is the press secretary of White House believed that is was God’s will to make Trump US president.

There are many popular theories have taken place under the Trump presidency such as Pizzagate and the involvement in art fraud with the Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. This art fraud theory has taken a huge turn and it became part of a political pattern.

This theory revolves around the Russian businessman Dmitry and Trump. This considerably took a huge turn when former potash mogul Dmitry Rybolovlev sold the most expensive masterwork of Da Vinci called Salvator Mundi for $450 million in 2017. As per the theories, this money has benefited the Trump during elections.

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It’s been claimed that Dmitry placed the painting (Salvator Mundi) for auction in Christie’s house intentionally as he knew that Saudis will definitely overpay. This over-payment will channel money to an Israeli PR firm and that is directly involved in the presidential campaign. After this auction, the masterpiece was never seen.

But as per the Rybolovlev, his art dealer Yves Bouvier was overcharging him from past 10 years. Now, Russian businessman Dmitry has accused Bouvier for defrauding him for the artworks.  With this turn, this conspiracy has been easily dispelled. As per the Trump supporters, these conspiracies are plans of Donald Trump to expose the high ranking business and political elites.