Why Choose Pin Hole Gum Grafting For Gum Recession?

It is a well-known fact that your oral hygiene is important as your overall health. You should never overlook the importance of healthy gums. Gums health is important to have perfect teeth as they are the supporting pillars for them.

You might not aware of the gum recession problems. There are a number of people who are suffering from gum recession but they do not pay attention to its treatment which leads to serious problems.

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If you are one suffering from gum recession then you need to consult a dentist in Manhasset. They will provide you with the latest treatment for gum recession by using all the latest equipment

What is pinhole gum grafting?

Due to a number of reasons gum recedes from their place and expose the much of the teeth and teeth roots. It is essential to protect your teeth from exposure and treat receding gums.

Pinhole gum grafting technique is the one in which tiny holes are made in the existing tissues of gums and then an instrument is inserted to relocate the gum line to its original place. This covers the teeth roots and there is not any involvement of stitches in this process.

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If you want treatment from experts for your gum recession then search for the North Shore dentists. It is very important to look after the health of gums are they are supporting teeth, if they are healthy only then your teeth will stay in perfect alignment.

Why prefer pin hole gum grafting?

  • Using pinhole gum grafting there is no need to visit your dentist multiple times for treatment. Using this technique all teeth can be treated in a single visit.
  • As there are no stitches in this technique so this reduces the recovery time. You will be able to see the results in very less time. Also, this process is less painful as compared to the traditional gum grafting technique.

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Click here to find out more about pinhole gum grafting technique. If you are looking for the treatment of gum recession then find a perfect dentist which will help you to overcome your problem in the best way.