How Does Car Paint Protection Works?

Everyone has the different perception of car paint protection. Some car owner will say it is mandatory and some feel there is no need for paint correction of your car.

But the majority of the car owners are in favor of the car paint protection because of the numerous benefits paint protection offer and the comfort of getting this service at your doorstep from car cleaning Perth professionals.

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Why does your car need paint protection?           

Car painting technology has significantly improved in the last 25 years. Nowadays car loan consists of three layers: Primer, Basecoat, and Clearcoat.

Primer is the first coat applied to the metallic body of the car. The purpose of the primer is to protect the body of the car and make the base coat easy to apply. After the primer, base coat is applied to the car. Basecoat enhances the color and appearance of the car.

At last, the clear coat is applied to provide finishing to the car. Clearcoat helps basecoat against UV rays and extreme weather conditions. But the average thickness of the clear coat is only 50 microns almost half of the sheet of the copy papers.

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More importantly, the hardness of the clear coat on the Mohs scale is 2 that is softer than fingernail paint. When your car is subjected to extreme weather condition clear coat fails to protect the base coat.

What is car paint protection and how it works?

Car paint protection involves the application of the ceramic coating on the clear coat of the car. This extra added layer protects the car from the UV rays and clear coat of the car from scratches.

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Car detailing paint protection works car ceramic coating is used which includes thousands of the synthetic particles. These particles are cross-linked together and form a transparent, rigid, glossy shell which protects the car paint from the damage.

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