Basic Processes Involved Within Sheet Metal Fabrication

Have you ever wondered that there is something which is common between cladding, flashing roofs, air conditioners, conductor pipes, cresting as well as other objects?

Yes you were right. It is the sheet metals which are used in a variety of objects that we use on a daily basis in our routine lives, but it just gets unidentified by us.

In reality, these sheet metals don’t originate in the same way as they are used in making the objects.There is a specific process which is involved in the making of these sheet metals. This process is known as Sheet metal fabrication.

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Basics Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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This process sounds to be a highly complex process but is actually a very simple method. It makes use of a variety of different metals in fabrication. For example, stainless Steel, aluminum, copper, brass,galvanized steel, tin, titanium, nickel as well as steel metals.

The metal which is used is then fabricated by opting any of the following processes: Bending, Rolling, Welding, Cutting, Stretching or Trimming. However, the most commonly used process is that of Welding.

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Now, we will be discussing some common methods or processes which are involved in the Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

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  • Press Forming – Press Forming can defined as a type of bending which is primarily used for the thin as well as long metal sheets.
  • Stamping – This process of stamping is used for the highly complex shapes. Further, it has many sub processes like punching, blanking, coining as well as bending.
  • Deep Drawing – Deep Drawing can be defined as a process which is used for stretch the metal in order to attain a specific desired form. This is mainly used for the purposes of making kitchen sinks as well as fuel tanks.

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