Basic Information About Community Supported Agriculture

Have you ever heard of CSA or Community Supported Agriculture programs? These programs have received a lot of popularity and media exposure in last few years for their ability to bring fresh local produce and pure food back to the consumers.

CSAs are helping people to get fresh, pure and local foods directly from the farmer. Small farmers are not able to compete with large-scale farms that sell the food to the larger grocery store chains.

They usually have to market to their neighbors, or at farmer’s markets. Therefore, some of the farmers got creative and decided to reach an invitation to their local areas in the form of CSA.

Community supported agriculture come into picture when farmers pre-sell a portion or share a part of their harvest to local residents. These residents will have to pay for a fee seasonally and in return, they will get a box of fresh, pure, farm fruits and vegetables every week.

The farmers will also have more freedom, confidence, and flexibility when their prices and products are reimbursed for up front.

The consumer also gets benefits by having constant access to local and healthy foods in their community. The consumer might also have to face some problems if the crops fail or are shattered by natural disaster or any other unfortunate circumstance.

Some CSAs may enable you to pay for your farm portion or a share of it in the job for labor. There are many other benefits of seeking a CSA such as the opportunity to eat new, pure, fresh and different healthier foods.

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This basically means that you and your family starts having healthy vegetables and leafy greens more often. Looking for a CSA in your community might be one of the best things you can do for a healthy eating.