All About Pre Wedding Photography

In last two to three years, the trend of pre-wedding photo-shoot has grown lot more into popularity.

 Professional photographs are taken in a specially chosen location before the wedding day by the professional photographers.

According to the recent interview of popular UK based bath wedding photographer, pre wedding photography is a new trend that has originated from Asia.

Pre wedding photoshoot is normally done a few months before the wedding day and the couples wear their wedding outfits to make it lively and memorable, rest depends on the photographer how he or she captures the moments.


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The major benefit of doing pre wedding shoot is to save time, since on the wedding day, couples usually run out of time. They have to rush all over the place and most of the photos are taken with friends and relative only.

Though, pre wedding photography permits couples to wear their lovely wedding outfits, and choose their favorite stances and sites to save their wedding memories forever in the photos, as explained by wedding photographer Gloucestershire.

Few couples will have the similar pre wedding photographer as their wedding day photographer. This even assists the couples to create a great rapport with the photographer and couples feel more at ease on their wedding day.


Your photographer will also have the chance to learn about you and your spouse, and how to work with you to create the best conceivable photos.

Pre Wedding vs. Engagement Photography

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Although the terms are frequently used interchangeably, there is a minor difference between pre wedding and engagement photography.

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While individually photo sessions for both occasions are taken prior to the actual wedding day, pre wedding photography sees the couples wearing their full wedding outfits.

On the other hand, engagement photography has the couples wearing attires they would not wear on their wedding day, typically casual outfits.