Advantages of Choosing Wide Format Printer

Wide format printer is that printer that has width starting from 18 inches to 100 inches and printer which can print wider than 100 inches is called Superwide Format Printer. These printers are so big in size that it requires the space of an entire room that is why it is used to print posters, banners, and signage.

Wide Format Printers can be easily available in the market. There are many companies like an Inkjet Monkey that provides the quality printers in the city. However, there are some important factors that must be considered before choosing any wide format printer.

wide format printer

  • Speed The printer should be user-friendly
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Low service cost

Advantages of wide format printer

  • Better image quality

These printers use different kinds of inks for printing so they produce an image with the best quality. In printing technology, the quality of the image is a very important aspect. In the traditional printing system, image quality was not that good but with the help of new printing technology, you got the best picture quality.

  • Efficient

The working of a wide format printer is the same as the desktop printer. This also prints the document with the help of computer software only you have to give printing command and printer starts printing. So this is a very easy process this makes it more efficient.

wide format printer

  • Ink used

This printer is made by different types of technology. Various type of ink is used in these printers like dyes and pigment. This ink is also called water-based ink. Dyes ink is bright in colour but doesn’t have good UV blocking but pigment ink is a little dull in colour but has very good UV blocking. So this is important to consider that dyes ink should not be used in that where the printing material has to be exposed in sun for a long time.

wide format printer

These are some of the benefits of Wide Format Printers. But is not an end, there are a lot of advantages you will experience when you start using it. However, before buying anything it is good to research on it.s  You can read the full info here where you will learn large format printer trends in great detail.